The Power Booster

With age comes weaknesses that affect the overall functionality of the body and impacts your energy negatively. To restore and retain the vigour for too long requires natural treatment. Vigora-X capsules is a breakthrough discovery that rectifies your body’s inner flaws, spikes your performance, and keeps you supercharged all the time. Its incredible power elevates your mood and doesn’t let your energy fade away,it brings unbelievable change in your personal life and improves the activity time. Each capsules is brimming with inexplicable pump and energy and increases your inner desire.


• Highly effective herbal aphrodisiac formulation.
• Stimulates and acts directly on sexual contracting centres.
• Corrects the male sterility.
• Increases sperm count.
• Removes physical & mental stress & fatigue.
• Mood elevating, rejuvenating.
• Enhances sexual performance & endurance.
• Improves erection and increases sexual desire.
• Aphrodisiac and sexual wellness qualities.
• An invigorating daily health supplement.
• Free from side effects.


• Unsatisfactory sexual performance, sexual depression & anxiety, poor
erection, premature ejaculation, sexual debility or inadequacy due to age
or over indulgence in sex.
• Lack of strength, sexual drive & stamina, impotency, nightfall & loss of
self esteem & confidence, irritation & tension.

Eliminates frigidity among women
Stimulates strong sex urge and desire
Infuses passion into the sex act and aids in reaching fullest degree of
ecstasy and orgasm.
It also enhances the feminine exuberance, natural appeal and physical
appearance of the woman with a tremendous sense of well-being.

Contains highly active herbal ingredients with proven efficacy like Withania Somnifera, Asparagus Ascendens, Mucuna Prurita, Quercus Infectoria, Cinnamomum Zaylanicum and many more vital Herbs. The total composition is tuned to act as a mood-elevating, desire-oriented sex stimulant particularly for women for highest degree of fulfilment.

Your Smile is your best accessory

There’s always a good reason to smile! But, not everybody has the luxury of possessing that killer smile. So, don’t be complacent just because you already have your oral hygiene routine that you religiously follow. Even people with a superb track record of keeping their teeth strong and healthy can encounter minor common dental problems. Hence maintaining oral hygiene is important for your health and having a pleasant smile. With strong teeth and healthy gums, you need not worry about having nuts or chewing hard snacks whenever you want. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need to take care of them using special tooth powder. If you prefer using tooth powders with a finger or a regular toothbrush, Aksir Dandan is the best choice.


* Highly effective against Toothache, Tooth decay, bleeding gums etc.
* Fully cures Pyorrhoea, swelling of gums, pus, hot/cold water sensation, etc.
* Freshens the mouth & breath, no bad odours
* Makes teeth strong, beautiful & shining white.

Aksir Dandan Herbal Tooth Powder is a boon to your oral health care. Derived from the heart of Ayurveda, the select ingredients deliver fresh breath and healthy gums with every use. Aksir Dandan Herbal Tooth Powder is a deliciously stimulating blend of herbal goodness that contains naturally effective ingredients for oral care and appearance. A little goes a long way. Tap a small amount of toothpowder onto your wet toothbrush. Or, dip the toothbrush into tooth powder and massage teeth, tongue and gums in gentle strokes. Alternatively toothpowder can be applied by massaging with finger also. Aksir Dandan Herbal Tooth Powder is very beneficial in treating the problem of gum swelling, bleeding, pain, cavities, hot/cold water sensation, pyorrhoea, etc. Aksir Dandan is chemical-free and has medicinal values too. It can be used by all the members of your family.

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