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Over 100 years

About Herbo Remedies Research Centre

It's a GMP certified company manufacturing speciality herbal products
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Herbo Remedies Research Centre is a GMP certified company manufacturing time-tested speciality herbal products, with a proud legacy of over 100 years. It gained immense acceptance during the Swadeshi Movement in 1942.The company is having its manufacturing facility based at Prayagraj and corporate office at Hyderabad.

AYURVEDA, which literally means the Science of Life, is the oldest existing health care system, a heritage of ancient India. It has been recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective complimentary health system.

Our prestigious product ‘AKSIR DANDAN HERBAL TOOTH POWDER’ is widely acclaimed for its high quality and efficacy and commands wide popularity in India.

We have successfully pioneered a ‘Herbal’ remedy for Piles which is registered as a patented medicine under the brand name ‘PILES BOON’ and has a strong market in India because of its high degree of effectiveness in the radical treatment of piles and haemorrhoids. Another landmark research is a herbal remedy for all dental ailments like pyorrhoea, toothache, gumboils, swelling of gums, infirm teeth, tooth decay etc patented under the brand name ‘DENTON TP–3’. The products have been developed under more than 10 years of consistent research and are well-received and recognized by leading doctors and therapists, medical institutes and hospitals etc.

Besides, we have carried out significant research in the treatment of Diabetes, Cough & Cold, Stomach Disorders, Stress & Debility in men, women’s ailments etc and have come out with excellent herbal products like  DIA BOON, VIGORA-X, UTRI BOON ,BONNY  BOON, KOF BOON & ENTERO BOON which are unmatched in their results with wide acceptance.

Herbo Remedies Research Centre is totally committed and dedicated to highest standards of perfection through research. We help ailing humanity to RECOVER-REGAIN-REVIVE GOOD HEALTH thus bringing them closer to Nature-Closer to WELL BEING.

Our Story



Herbo Remedies Research Centre is blessed with diligent professionals, researchers and ayurvedic vaidyas who are well experienced and have adequate knowledge of their respective field. Our team works in a team spirit and assists us in producing an array of herbal products. Our experts are engaged in creating new innovative methods to develop the products which provide maximum benefits to humanity at large.

Herbo Remedies Research Centre. has a product range wherein quantity does not compromise the quality, which has made us win loyal consumers over the years. We strive to reach out to people with a healing touch enabling them to live life on a fresh note of good health and happiness.

We are always connected deeply with community and its transition. It’s in wake of this awareness and positive change society is going through that we aim to be the most progressive organization in the herbal domain.

“We Believe In Quality & Trust / Relationship”



For over a century, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products whilst manufacturing a broad range of time-tested herbal products with high efficacy at economical prices. We wish to become one of the benchmark manufacturer across the world based on our policy of advancement and continuous innovation, complying with national and international standards of quality and safety and to be recognized for our superior product quality and contribution to good health and well-being.


The journey so far

Herbo Remedies Research Centre has played a chequered role since its inception as a small organization. It takes pride in its legacy of over a century having become a household name and is today having a significant Pan India presence as also abroad in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Middle East etc and continues to grow stronger.

Meet Our Founder and Directors

Late R. G. Agarwala
Founder Director

He is the founder and moving force who with his undeterred determination, unrelenting efforts, unmistakable entrepreneurial skills and rare business acumen steered the ‘House of Aksir Dandan’ from a small beginning to great heights. He actively participated in the Swadeshi Movement and firmly believed in the concept of ‘Swadeshi’.His secret of success was ingrained in the quality and purity of products without any compromise. No wonder, he received overwhelming response from the people in general and the patronage of distinguished personalities, top opinion makers, high-ranking dignitaries upto the first Prime Minister of India and many more leaders who mattered.

He was a visionary who made the brand a household name in India and spread its wings far and wide. His inspiration and zeal is the driving force for the generations to follow and advance, expand and grow from strength to strength.


Raj Kamal Agarwal
Director/Chief Executive Officer

Herbo Remedies Research Centre is a manufacturing company engaged in production of Powders, Syrups, Capsules, etc. with modern technology and equipments. We are among the country’s fastest growing Ayurvedic establishment.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing, testing and overall quality control of food and pharmaceutical products. Our sincere efforts of practicing and serving good quality through our products are recognized by National certifying agencies and the Govt. of India has acknowledged us for GMP standards. We are also approved and authenticated by AYUSH. Such certificates not only make Herbo Remedies Research Centre proud but also bring in more responsibility of sustaining and keeping the flag of superior quality flying high.
We pride ourselves in striving to respond to your health and wellness needs with a sense of commitment. We are expanding our product range to meet the regular demands of the dynamic market place. I invite you to join hands with us and derive full benefit and advantage from our distinguished range of products.
We believe in  :      Enjoy the joys of Nature, Rejoice in the purity of Life 
With best wishes for a happy, healthy and wealthy future for you, your family and the nation.

Ritu Kamal Agarwal
Director/Chief Operating Officer

He is an M.B.A. and possesses over 25 years of progressive leadership experience pan India in all departments of Marketing including Market development and Marketing strategy with specific expertise in Advertising & communications management.
He is the third generation entrepreneur who has diverse experience in Sales, Marketing & Brand strategy with calibration to online & offline models which give a robust understanding of the Indian consumer across industry segments, demographics & geographies. His motto is ‘Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty is the primary value added function’.
He has a demonstrable track record of building and scaling up business of herbal products in a very short span of time. He ia a firm believer of ‘Hard work and team spirit is the recipe for a burgeoning and successful business’. By leveraging experience and acumen ‘Herbo Remedies Research Centre’ has been steered to unprecedented growth both in terms of volume & turnover which is a milestone.

How we bring you closer to better health

With all the health hazards taking over our universe, strengthening our immunity and taking proper medication is the only way we can protect ourselves. While there are numerous myths about what works and what does not, we believe in all things natural. Why look any further when our Indian herbs can do all the magic. Herbo Remedies Research Centre is doing just that and brings totally natural wondercures with a modern approach to the traditional concept of 'herbal' in India.

Health Product

Our products contain 100% Herbal and Natural ingredients with highly beneficial & curative properties at pocket friendly prices. We lay emphasis on quality, value and consumer satisfaction.


Research Centre

We have a committed team in Research and development with a portfolio of well researched products. Our promise is to provide the best herbal products with a motive to spread innovation and knowledge towards better healthcare.


Career Opportunities

We are an ambitious and fast growing company offering a range of authentic herbal products. We have a strong Marketing team aided by Business development team, Production team and Administrative team.

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